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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if you cannot find exactly the part you need (wrong size, wrong coating, etc) you have a few options.

1)  Submit an RFQ request here :           OR 

2)  Click the button " Add an Item" then flag the "Non-Stock Item" and add the part information in the description field.  Feel free to add McMaster-Carr or other supplier part # if necessary.

3)  Find a part that meets some of your requirements.  Select "Add to Quote" under the "Add to Cart".  Add the quantity you need and in the Item Note field define what you want different.  Example : This part but stainless steel and 100mm long.  On receipt of the request we will assume you want the part as built except for the material and length.

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SBS is a B2B supplier - specializing in VMI (vendor managed inventory) services for OEM (original equipment manufacturers) with LTA (long term arrangements).  Pricing of a part outside of a LTA requires a consideration of manufacturers lead time, EOQ, Qty required and location of customer.  We endevaour to provide quoting on any stock part within 24 hours.
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Contract Pricing are based on a long term agreement.  If you do not see contract pricing on the part page you will need to request a quote before you can order it.
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Yes, SBS has a expertize in per print custom parts.  Feel free to upload you print on the RFQ page.
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Yes, SBS has an expertize in modifying in-stock items with (i) alternative coatings and plating (ii) pre-applied adhesive or non-metalic patches and (iii) machining operations.  
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