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Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find exactly the part you need (wrong size, wrong coating, etc) you have two options.

1)  Submit a RFQ request : OR 

2)  Add an Item select - Non-Stock Item via :

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SBS is a B2B supplier - specializing in VMI (vendor managed inventory) services for OEM (original equipment manufacturers) with LTA (long term arrangements).  Pricing of a part outside of a LTA requires a consideration of manufacturers lead time, EOQ, Qty required and location of customer.  We endevaour to provide quoting on any stock part within 24 hours.
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Contract Pricing are .... long term agreement
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Yes, SBS has a expertize in per print custom parts.  Feel free to upload you print on the RFQ page.
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Yes, SBS has an expertize in modifying in-stock items with (i) alternative coatings and plating (ii) pre-applied adhesive or non-metalic patches and (iii) machining operations.  
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